Men's Tootal 1799 Luxury Vintage Retro Mod Indie Heritage 100% Silk Scarf TL5900 Ivory/Cream

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Authentic Tootal Scarf. registered in England 1799
Double faced meaning silk on both sides. a truely impressive Tootal Vintage scarf.
100% Silk
dry clean only
Steeped in centuries of heritage and history. Tootal has made its prestigious name on quality and traditional fashion and tailoring.
Dimensions 26 CM wide x 155 CM long. a great length which can be worn long. knotted or wrapped around so versitile.
6 cm Tassels both ends -The most fabulous classic gift!
TOOTAL was established in England in 1799. making it one of the oldest Clothing brands still around today. A favourite of the Mods in the Sixties and Seventies. TOOTAL SCARVES have recently also become staple of the Indie Scene and a must-have Indie Clothing Accessory. TOOTAL SCARVES are best known for PAISLEY SCARVES and POLKA DOT SCARVES. but also now make a wide range and variety of TOOTAL SCARF designs. TOOTAL Vintage scarves are the ultimate accessory for any Retro Clothing ensemble and a true icon of Mod culture.