Tumia - Dumont Style Panama - Natural with Black Band - Beathable and Stylish

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Genuine Panama Hat. Dumont Style. Light and breathable. Ethically Traded.
Hand woven in Ecuador and hand finished in Bristol. England. A proven classic that will never go out of fashion! - Look at our other products to see our full collection of differently styled Panama hats. They are all hand woven from natural materials. making them far cooler and breathable than synthetic materials or cheap replicas.
Comfortable sweat wicking inner headband.
Comes complete with information on care.
Please note the Dumont shape is not considered to be rollable.
Our genuine Panama hats are hand woven in Ecuador before being checked and finished in Bristol. England. Each one is skilfully woven by hand from many thin iraca palm fibres. Panama hats are traditionally made in Ecuador and worn all over Latin America. This stylish hat has become known as a Panama due to Panama being the main trading hub of 19th century Latin America and their popularity amongst the foreign workers who built the Panama canal. This is one of our Fino grade hats. This means that the hat has been made out of fibres that are considerably thinner than our standard or entry level hat. As a result it takes considerably longer to weave. The result is an even lighter. flexible and more breathable hat.. This is our Dumont style - also known as a Gambler this is a mid 20th century shape that stands out from the more commonly seen Fedora. However. the trade off is that the Dumont is not considered to be rollable. Please see the various reviews of our hats (and Tumi's Panama Hats - as this is our previous name) here on Amazon to get an idea of how highly our hats are regarded. Because we cut out all the middlemen our hats are much more competitively priced than many other brands and we are sure you will not find a hat of this quality at a similar price anywhere else. The sizes are in centimetres and based on the circumference of the head passing across the middle of the forehead. Tumia Panama Hats (formally known as Tumi) was founded in the UK in 1978 promoting fair trade crafts and goods with Latin America. We've worked with our hat makers in Ecuador for many years and ensure that we pay fair wages (set by our partners). provide good working conditions and look to provide a sustainable future for our workers.